1. How can I join the mailing list?

    Click here.

2. Do I need a Gmail/Google account?

    No, you can use any email address in this link.

3. How can I unsubscribe?

    To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to systems-neuroscience+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com

4. How many emails will I receive?

    Typically there will be a few new posts per day.

    However, in your subscription settings you can control if you want to receive each message or only a daily or weekly digest. 

5. How can I modify the subscription settings?

    Click on the Membership and email settings in the Browse page.

6. How can I post a new topic?

    Use any of the following options:

    *   Send email to : systems-neuroscience@googlegroups.com

    *   In the message board, click the New Topic button.

    *   Click here.

7. What can I post?

    The purpose of this list is to help disseminate relevant content to all the researchers in the field of systems neuroscience.

    Topics can include, but are not limited to : Announcements, Open positions and job ads, Conference calls, Workshop announcements, Paper calls

8. How can I read the archive?

    Click on the Browse button on this website.

9. How can I add the list to my RSS feed?

    Add the URL from this link to your RSS reader.

10. Who organized this mailing list?

    The list is maintained by Nikolas Karalis (link).

11. Who is moderating this list?

    The list is maintained and moderated by Nikolas Karalis (link).

    Moderation ensures that no spam or inappropriate messages are posted in the list, while allowing everybody to post relevant content to the list.

12. What is not posted?

    To maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio, the following emails will not be forwarded to the mailing list:

    spam, announcements about published papers, conference calls from very different fields, repeated announcements

13. Is there a member list available?

    No. To maintain the anonymity of the members, there is no publicly available list.

14. How many subscribers does the list have?

    You can find the current number of subscribers at this link.

15. Is this list targeted only to European researchers?

    This list is intended to be international and the subscribers of the list come from six continents.   

    The .eu domain was just a convenient domain and doesn't imply an emphasis on European neuroscience community.

16. How can I contact the administrators?

    Please write your email to the mailing list with subject title: "For administrators only"

    These messages will be read and not posted to the mailing list.

17. How can I advertise the list?

    Feel free to use social media to advertise the list. If you would like to print and distribute poster ads, you can download the poster here.